11th Grade

11th Grade - Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for important links to websites and downloads for Juniors!!!

Junior year is a very important year. Students are finishing their 3rd required years/credits of both Math and Science. Everyone takes Regents exams in English (JANUARY) and U.S. History (June). Are you challenging yourself by taking "college prep" classes (Algebra 2, Chemistry, Honors/Gemini courses, etc.)? Will your Reading, Writing and Math skills be "Career & College Ready?" If not, when you go to college you may be required to take developmental/remedial English and/or Math courses that do not award credit and delay your degree/graduation.

Students that have chosen to continue with Regents Science (Chemistry or Physics) and Regents Math (Geometry & Algebra 2) will take additional Regents exams for those subjects in June. There are no longer Regents Exams in French or Spanish. These upper level courses will best prepare students for college/career, SAT's and ACT's, and college placement testing (Accuplacer - College Placement Testing)!

In the Fall, students that are considering four year colleges have the opportunity to take the PSAT exam.The exam costs $17.00. Students sign up by bringing in their money or check made out to DCS. A practice guide is available when they sign up. PSAT Practice Website

In the Spring, taking SAT ($49.50) and/or ACT ($52.00) exams are required for most four year colleges. Fee waivers are available for qualified students. There are four year colleges that do not require SAT/ACT's (Examples - Elmira College, Keuka College, Nazareth, SUNY Potsdam, etc.). See the following websites to see deadlines to register online and practice for these college entrance exams.
SAT Website
ACT Website

WHY TAKE CHALLENGING CLASSES? - Students that have completed classes such as Algebra 2/Trig., Chemistry, etc.will be better prepared on all of the above testing. Yes, these classes are difficult and take more effort/commitment. In the long run, being better prepared for College/Career is more important than not making Honor Roll or losing your Honor Pass!!! Don't be short sighted! "Let the choices you make today be the choices you can live with tomorrow"!

Gemini (Finger Lakes Community College) college level classes fulfill high school graduation requirements as well as provide an opportunity to earn college credit ("concurrent courses"). To earn college credit, students/parents have to pay for each class. Students can still be in these classes without paying but will not receive college credit from F.L.C.C. These college credits can be transferred to all SUNY community colleges, SUNY four-year colleges and universities, and "most" private colleges. There are some private, four-year colleges that will not accept these courses (Examples - Cornell, U. of R., Hobart & William Smith, Hamilton, etc.). See/download eligibility criteria for GEMINI classes below.

It is also possible that certain colleges may not allow you to use a Gemini class for a required class for their major (i.e. Gemini Biology can not be used for a major at St. John Fisher that requires College Biology. They require you to take that course with them. Those credits could be then used as "Elective" credits towards your total credits to graduate.). Students and parents should research their potential colleges to see if they will accept Gemini courses.

The Guidance Counselor will also have students fill out actual college and/or job applications for practice second semester after the E.L.A. Regents exam. The "Common Application" will include an essay done for a grade in English 11. It may seem early but students need to know what to expect and what they may need to improve.This information, including your college essay should be kept into your Senior year. Students will be given a folder to keep all "future" -Career/College information. Organization is very important throughout the Senior year/college process.

Students are also encouraged to Career Shadow in order to get a feel for a possible future occupation. See link on the left for more information.

Juniors will also have the opportunity to go on a campus visit in the Spring, with the Guidance Counselor, to an area four year college. A survey will be completed by each student.The college with the most interest, will be where we will visit. Students and parents are encouraged to begin visiting other colleges of interest & College Fairs as early as Spring vacation. Colleges begin to shift their attention to Juniors in the Spring and offer Open Houses and participate in College Fairs. Check websites of colleges to see when they are and if you need to pre-register.
       Example -  http://www.alfredstate.edu/academics/majors

Are you getting "Career & College Ready?"


"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"



GPA Conversion Chart:

Needing Letters of Recommendation?  

Can't remember everything you have been involved in?

This will be required to write letters of recommendations for you.  You should hand this to anyone you are asking to write on your behalf at least 2 Weeks before the deadline.  Click on the picture above to download the Dundee Brag Sheet.  This is a fillable form and can be saved and updated at any time.  It is NEVER to early to start this!

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