Gemini, Early College Scholars and Advanced Placement (A.P.) Courses

Gemini courses (Finger Lakes Community College) and Advanced Placement (A.P.),  are all college level courses taught by college approved D.C.S. teachers.

Early College Scholars gives qualified students the opportunity to take FLCC courses while still in High School (online or on campus) at a reduced cost.

   The Gemini U.S. History 11 class prepares the student to take the U.S. History Regents Exam (June) as well as the A.P. Exam in mid-May, if the student wishes to take the A.P.Exam. Students can also pay for the Gemini college course through Finger Lakes Community College ($15) and earn three (3)college credits.  These credits can be transferred to many colleges (see below for more info).      Advanced Placement (A.P.) exams are taken at D.C.S.  A.P. Exams are scored between a 1 (lowest) and a 5 (highest). Most colleges will accept this class for college credit if the score is at least a three.  More selective colleges will require a 4 or 5.  The more "selective" colleges will accept  A.P. credit where they would not accept Gemini courses (Cornell, Hobart/Wm. Smith, Univ. of Rochester, Hamilton, etc.).  If you have questions about specific colleges or if your son/daughter should pay for GEMINI credits and/or pay to take the A.P. exam, contact the Guidance Counselor (607) 243-5534.

   Gemini classes are called "concurrent classes" because they fulfill high school requirements as well as college credit requirements.  To earn college credit, students/parents must pay for each course ($15 to$20 per course).  There are deadlines in the Fall and the Spring for payment for these courses.  No pay, no college credits!  Once paid for, these credits are good at F.L.C.C. and can be transferred to all SUNY community colleges and four-year colleges & universities, as well as many other private colleges (Keuka, Elmira, St. John Fisher, etc.).  Some more "selective" colleges (Cornell, Hobart/William Smith, U. of Rochester, Hamilton College, etc.) do not accept these courses.  Students can still take these courses and choose not to pay for the college credits. Students and parents should research which colleges accept these credits and which do not. 
Early College Scholars program
   If you’re currently in a high school or homeschool program and want to supplement your education with an on-campus course, FLCC’s Early College Scholars program may be for you. This program is perfect for students who want to get a head start on their college career by completing courses at any FLCC campus location - including our main campus in Canandaigua and our campus center locations in Victor, Newark and Geneva. There are also opportunities to apply for a scholarship to help offset the cost of tuition.

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